If you are going freshwater fishing you need a  licence, you can get them from the environment agency, this is the website where you can get your licence from:

If you are going sea fishing you don't need a licence.

Need a VHF radio licence? Seavoice Training



If you have hooks in your fishing box/bag always try to keep them covered, a good thing to use is cork to stick the hook's in. If you do not have them covered, keep them in the bottom of your box. If you are fishing with a friend ALWAYS tell them if you have any sharps. 


If you carry a knife when fishing keep it covered. If it comes with a plastic case always put the case over the blade. 


If you are fishing in a Dangerous location or from a boat it is always advisable to wear a Lifejacket. 

If you are going fishing or boating around Liverpool or Southport please see Liverpool tide time table: or you can check the tides for anywhere:  

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