Scott Harrison      
Hello, I'm Scott Harrison and welcome to Fishing and Boating with Scott Harrison. I have been sea fishing mainly around the North West and beyond for 7 years. I fish mostly of river walls, beaches and occasionally from charter boat's.

I started fishing in 2010 with my Grandad Peter Harrison who taught me how to fish. I then decided to create this website to pass on tips and techniques of fishing I have learned.  

I mainly aim this website at beginners of fishing by showing simple techniques what have worked nicely for me over the past 7 years. 

When fishing I normally use Beachcaster fishing rods and Fixed Spool Reels from brands like "Shimano" and "Shakespeare".

Below is a list of the fish I have caught in the past:
-Dog fish

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Please feel free to Browse the website. I hope you find the information helpful to your fishing adventures. 

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